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Grad Central's shop on 622 Yates Street is Western Canada's place to shop for grad. We have the largest selection of grad formals anywhere.
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Our one-to-one dress policy

"We will not sell the same style twice to your school"


The Grad Central Registry®

We know that grad is a special time, and we want your dress to be special, too. At Grad Central, we help make your grad worry-free by carrying a wide selection of styles and colours for you to choose from, and by keeping track of all the prom dresses we sell on a school-by-school basis.  This goes for Grad Central’s online sales as well as in-store sales!
When you buy from us, we’ll register your dress for your school and you can rest easy we won’t sell the same style again to your school (not even in another colour). Remember to shop early while the selection is good!

How it works

Buying Online
  1. Make your dress selection and click “Add to Cart”.
  2. Begin typing your school name in “Your School.”  If your school name already exists in our registry, it will automatically show on the list; if not, just fill in the complete school name and we'll start a registry for your school. If the dress is not to be registered, please enter “None”.
  3. Enter the wear date for your dress (required).
  4. Click OK and proceed with your purchase.

Our system will automatically make a registry check for your school. If there is a duplication, you will be required to make another dress selection.

All orders for new school registries are manually checked prior to final processing. We double check for school name variations, different spellings and different locations. Remember there are often similar school names in different cities, and different ways to write or spell a name (for example, "Saint Joseph" and "St. Joseph" or "G.P. Vanier" and "Georges Vanier.").  If there's any question about your school name or location we'll contact you immediately. 

Payment in full is required before dress registration takes effect.

Buying In Store

When you come in and buy from us at our Victoria store we use the exact same registry for every prom dress sale.  When you come in, we consult "the list" for your school and we make sure you don't fall in love with a dress that's already been sold there.  If you've already bought your dress from us, either online or in store, rest assured that your choice won't even get into the change room with someone else from your school.  Although we do tell our customers if a particular style has already been sold to her school, we always respect the privacy of our customers and we never say who bought what!   

*The fine print

  • Once the sale is confirmed and paid in full, Grad Central will register the style for the school provided by the customer, and will not intentionally sell the same style again to that school for the current grad season.
  • The registry applies to identical manufacturer and identical style only. Similar dresses and similar colours may be sold to the same school.
  • Grad Central will register formal grad dresses for a single end-of-year school grad formal function only, one per school.  We do not “double register” a dress for two or more events.
  • We will sell identical dress styles to students attending other schools.
  • Identical or similar dresses may be sold by another retailer, regardless of school. We do not register or keep track of sales by other retailers, and we do not share our sales information with other retailers.
  • The content of the Grad Central dress registry regarding school and wear date relies solely on information provided by our customers, who also have the option of not registering the dress for any school.  We cannot prevent someone from not registering a dress for her school then wearing it to her school grad; nor can we prevent someone from registering a dress for one school, then wearing it to a function at another school or event.
  • The Grad Central Registry is offered as a convenience to paying Grad Central customers only, and remains the property of Grad Central.  The privacy of our customers is extremely important to us.  Dress styles and related functions contained in the registry are revealed solely at the discretion of Grad Central personnel and only to facilitate our customer's style selection.
  • Although we strive for accuracy, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the registry, nor do we offer any recourse should a duplication occur, no matter what the reason.  We do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges should the purchaser discover that a duplicate or similar style has been purchased and/or worn by another person for the same event. 
We can also create a registry for formal special events such as military balls and charity events.  Contact us for details.
Grad Central is a registered trade mark for Canada, and includes our dress registry. 
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