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Online fraud is a huge problem in the dress industry.  Here are some things you need to know.

What you see isn’t always what you get.

Online scam operations are rampant, often pirating catalogue photos from brand name designers, only to deliver a cheap knock-off - a fake - or perhaps nothing at all. The size, colour, even the style of the delivered dress may be totally different from what you ordered and what they had confirmed months ago. Some will just take your money and that's the last you hear of them. Beware! Every season we hear horror stories about fraudulent, web-based scammers taking advantage of prom dress shoppers who failed to make sure they were dealing with an authorized retailer for the dress they wanted.

If it sounds too good to be true….

Except for promotional sale or clearance items, which should be clearly labeled as such, if the seller is undercutting the regular retail price they’re probably not legitimate, authorized dealers of the brand name dress you want.  Beware!  That dress is likely a fake! Legitimate, ethical retailers follow the rules set by the industry. 

Read the fine print on so-called “return policies.”

A return for a time-limited store credit with a large restocking fee is hardly a "return." It's most often just a way some online sellers try to entice you into a hasty decision.  You need to be sure of what you're buying before you buy.  If you don't feel comfortable, then simply walk away - don't rely on a return policy for after sale satisfaction. Also, if the dress is being shipped from the U.S. or another country, any duties, fees and taxes paid on imported dresses are non-refundable.

 “A list as long as your arm?”

Be wary of websites that display a seemingly endless list of dress collections from every designer on the planet.  Be wary of an apparent Canadian website that quotes its prices in both U.S. and Canadian currencies, promises "duty free" prices for dresses being imported into Canada, or has confusing pricing. Walk away. If the pricing is confusing it's probably meant to confuse. These may be third party sellers who are not authorized retailers for a particular line or, worse yet, counterfeiters.  They may not have direct access to company support should anything go wrong, and could have little, if any, experience handling the line.  If in doubt, contact the designer directly and make sure the seller is an authorized Canadian dealer for the dress you want, and is selling their product ethically. 

Canadians buying from Grad Central never have to worry about import costs.

If you’re considering an online retailer based outside of Canada, import costs can really add up. That dress offered online for $300 may end up costing you closer to $500 when it hits your door. Duties add 18% to the price of an imported prom dress (even if they quote in "Canadian Dollars"); then add shipping, handling, brokerage fees, currency exchange and Canadian sales taxes on top of that.  All these additional costs are added to the price when the dress is imported.  Don’t be fooled by claims that the seller enjoys lower or “bulk” import rates - you are being misled!  They are "fudging" customs forms - if they get caught, you get caught.  Applicable import duties and taxes are based on the true value of the goods and are the legal responsibility of the individual importer, not the exporter - this could come back to haunt you big time.  If in doubt, check with Canada Border Services.  And remember, if you have a problem with the dress, the seller will not refund import costs. 

Grad Central is your 100% Canadian retailer – no knock-offs, honest pricing, no import costs - the perfect choice for Canadian online dress shoppers!


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